El Mina


El-Mina or El Mina, known as the city of the city of Waves and Horizons, is a coastal city in Northern Lebanon and It acts as the harbor city for modern neighboring Tripoli, situated 5 km to the east.

The sea has given El Mina, a city of 3.737 Km2 and around 60.000 citizens, its distinguished features. It makes the living of its fishermen and craftsmen, and it also provides entrainment for its visitors.

El Mina is a growing tourist city that attracts people from all around the country to visit f the main tourist attractions like The Old Town, The Lion Tower (Borj Alsebaa) and the Khan Al Tamasylee.

El Mina has become in the last ten years the “furniture capital” of Lebanon. With over 50 galleries that display the finest wooden-handcrafted-furniture made by the most creative and highly skilled carpenters and designers, El Mina is attracting thousands of Lebanese and Arab visitors who purchase the finest furniture in the best prices. The galleries are located in the northern part of Port Said Street.


The city of city of Waves and Horizons is the only Lebanese city that has several small islands where people can enjoy a dip in the crystal clear water in the summer.

El-Mina is characterized by three medium and abandoned islands with a belt of 500 m of water. A reserve was established for these three islands under the name of “Reserve of Palm Islands”. These islands are: Palm Island, Sanani, and Ramkine.

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