Within the EU financed project RECONET, the KTC of Al Afayhaa met the Mayor of the Municipality of Jbeil Byblos Mr  Ziad Hawat together with the Deputy Mayor Mr.Ayoub Bark and the two council members Mr.Tony Sfeir and Mr.Sami Aghnatios on October 21st, 2015. 

The objective of the meeting was to assess the Municipality and draw a picture of its strengths and weaknesses and define what the KTC can bring to enhance the situation and what the Municipality can bring to other cities in the Mediterranean.

The city struggles with rapid urbanization, and protecting Jbail- Byblos’ history and world heritage sites is a challenge. The city is looking to leverage its rich culture, engaged leadership, and strong social cohesion to fortify its resilience. The Rockefeller Foundation announced that Byblos has been selected to join the 100 Resilient Cities Network. Byblos was one of nearly 400 cities across six continents to apply for the 100 Resilient Cities. The Foundation will help Jbail- Byblos to be able to better prepare for, withstand, and bounce back more effectively in the face of shocks, stresses and other vulnerabilities. Byblos will receive effective support to be ready to face the future and it will be a lead for cities throughout the world. The strategic plan of Byblos will be finished in November 2015 and disseminated by 25/12/2015 in a plenary ceremony. This phase will be followed by the implementation phase.

Many projects are undergoing in the city mainly

  1. The free shuttle that enhanced the mobility in the old city
  2. Numbering of streets and buildings
  3. The construction of a new City Hall
  4. An Alphabet museum
  5. A Fossils museum
  6. Development of the Umayyad museum in Anjar that will underpin and launch the cultural itinerary and the promotion of thematic tourism packages. The Ummayad Circuit in Lebanon, includes Anjar and Baalbek, as the main cities with Umayyad vestige, as well as important historical port-cities such as Tripoli, Byblos, Beirut, Saida and Tyre. It also passes through other towns and villages who are highlighted for their natural and environmental wealth
  7. Rehabilitation of the Roman road
  8. MED-3R for Solid wastes reuse and recycle project
  9. IAM Sustainable tourism (Alghero Italie).

The City , struggling to enhance the cultural tourism,  also presented ideas for projects such as the 1) Observatory for birds 2) Creation of a database for retired people showing what and where they can work and the establishments ready to take them 3) Preserve the beach but not make it a reserve to allow people using it.

The city of Jbeil Byblos will be the capital of the Arab tourism in September 2016