MedCities participated on the 27th May at a preparatory meeting of the programme commission of MEDCOP Climate. More than 60 international and local networks and stakeholders were gathered in Tanger in order to advance in the preparation of the MEDCOP Climate programme, which will be held on 18th and 19th July 2016

The MEDCOP is the Mediterranean forum on climate change which gathers state and non-state actors from the region in order to advance their engagements, exchange the experiences and propose concrete solutions for the adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the Mediterranean in view of the COP meeting. Initially celebrated in Marseille in 2015, it has gained continuity due to the implication of local stakeholders that see to it an opportunity for greater cooperation and coordination.

MedCities will be actively participating in the MEDCOP22 meeting through the organisation of a debate on urban transformation in view of the challenges of climate change. The debate will be organised in collaboration with other international and Moroccan networks and will place the role and action of the cities in tackling climate change in the highlight.

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