The Technical Director of MedCities, together with expert Dr. Mousbah Rajab, have met with the Mayor of Tripoli, Mr. Rafei, on Monday 29th February in order to present him the report on the Al Fayhaa Sustainable Development Strategy Plan Review

This report forms part of the activities of the project for the consolidation of the Knowledge Transfer Centre of MedCities Network and was produced in the last months of 2015 with financing from the City of Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

The objective is to assess the situation in the cities of Al-Fayhaa with regards to the Al-Fayhaa Sustainable Development Strategy (AFSDS) and shed light on the situation before and after its elaboration and launching.

The study has identified the implemented AFSDS actions and their impact on the cities and listed those important projects, whether they were implemented or not, that need to be integrated in the strategic planning process. Finally, a review of the priorities proposed by the AFSDS was drafted in light of the evolution of the situation.

New priorities have been proposed and recommendations formulated in order to improve the objectives of the AFSDS and to identify the critical aspects for updating the strategy and enhancing its implementation.