Last September 19th, MedCities participated in the meeting of the SUDEV Commission of the Euro-Mediterranean Local and Regional Assembly (ARLEM) held in Marseille. 

During the meeting, the members of the Commission discussed about the Euro-Mediterranean agenda for environment and climate change, in preparation of ARLEM’s next Plenary Session that will take place in Turkey before the end of 2014.

ARLEM has two commissions, one is ECOTER (Economic, Social and Territorial Affairs) and the other is SUDEV (Sustainable Development). Both commissions work elaborating reports presented in each year’s General Assembly, specifically on the role of local and regional authorities in several Euro-Mediterranean domains. ARLEM is an assembly, having parity of composition between elected local representatitves from the EU and Mediterranean partner countries, created in 2010 under the leadership of the Committee of the Regions. Some of the EU members represent also the territorial networks, such as MedCities. 

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