On February 2nd to 4th, MedCities participated in Berlin in the German-Maghreb Dialogue on urban development organized by the CoMun Program of the German Agency of International Cooperation (GIZ). 

This event gathered together municipal representatives from Tunisia and Morocco as well as other international networks and organisations active on the domain of urban development in the Mediterranean.

During the sessions, the participants discussed on the importance of networking among cities in order to create synergies and common learning initiatives to improve municipal management and local governance. 

This event was also the presentation of the new phase of the CoMun Program for the period 2015-2018, a GIZ initiative to empower local governments in the Maghreb. The CoMun Program will on three domains: municipal cooperation in the Maghreb, youth and women participation in municipal governance and training of municipal staff in Tunisia.

MedCities and the CoMun Program are strategic partners and cooperate in their respective actions in the Maghreb with regards to local development. Both initiatives are members of the Urban Hub of the Center for Mediterranean Integratoin (CMI), based in Marseille.