On February 6th and 7th Medcities participated in the CMI Urban Hub meeting which took place in Eschborn (Germany), in the headquarters of the GIZ , the German Society for International Cooperation.

In this meeting, Urban Hub members agreed to strengthen coordination and draw up a common strategy to benefit from each other actions in the region on the domain of urban development. Urban Hub members identified several complementarities in the work each institution is developing in the Mediterranean that will continue to be developed in the coming months.

The Urban Hub of the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) is a framework in which main actors working in urban development in the region cooperate in order to promote a coordinated approach to urban sustainable development in the Mediterranean and avoid duplications.

Members of CMI Urban Hub are: World Bank, Caisse des Dêpots et Consignations, the European Investment Bank, the Agence Française de Dévéloppement, the GIZ and Medcities.