The ACT4LITTER Steering Committee took place the 21st and 22nd of June in Barcelona with the participation of MedCities. 

On the 20th and 21st June, MedCities represented PANACeA project and the MED Biodiversity Protection Community that is under development to the steering committee Meeting of ACT4LITTER project that took place in Barcelona.

ACT4LITTER is a project that addresses the issue of marine litter in protected areas, by drafting a list of 125 measures implemented, selecting the most relevant of them and proposing exclusive action plans for 10 MPAs. Also monitoring a marine litter activities in the beaches of MPA will take place in order to have a snapshot assessment of their situation.

ACT4LITTER is being implemented by five partners, spread over several countries in the Mediterranean basin: SCP / RAC (Spain), IAT (Spain), SSSUP (Italy), MedPan, MIO-ECSDE (Greece) as well as 22 other partners.

ACT4LITTER participates in the MED Biodiversity Protection Community that is being implemented by PANACeA project in the frame of the MED Programme, a project led by ETC-UMA with the participation of MedCities.

One of the following activities of PANACeA is the organisation of a webinar among the different projects that deal with marine litter in order to exchange methodologies and discuss on their challenges.