On tuesday 13 november, 30 cities of the network, represented by mayors or other elected representatives have discussed about the actions and activities executed during 2014, the action plan for the coming year and the budget of the association.

The Activity Report 2014 summarizes all the activities and projects carried out in the last year, with special emphasis on the USUDS project , that has finished last 21st of October.

The event was opened with the interventions of Mr. Aziz Kocaoglu, Mayor of Izmir, Mr. Mohamed Idaomar, mayor of Tetuan and president of MedCities, and Jordi Portabella, vice-President of International Cooperation of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, which hosts the Secretariat General  of MedCities. 

One of the priorities of the Assembly is to identify priority areas of intervention of MedCities members in order to create strong partnerships and winning project to present to future international, and especially EU, calls for projects. 

This General Assembly has been especially important due to the participation of new members in the event. It has represented a major step in the consolidation of MedCities as a leading association in urban sustainable development and strategic planning in the Mediterranean.

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