The project GeDe-Tun seeks to reinforce local governments in waste management and builds upon the work done in Tunisia for the definition of Local Plans of Waste Management (PCGD from the initials in French)

The project, implemented in Bizerte and Kairouan, aims at supporting the implementation of their plans; at improving the technical capabilities of the municipal personnel on waste management; at exchanging experiences and expertise in the effective management of waste in the context of the Medcities network and; at sensitizing citizens on environmental issues related to waste management.

Three different phases are foreseen:

1). A quick diagnostic phase with the update of the PCGDs and the prioritization of actions to be implemented;

2) An implementation phase, where a short scale pilot project will be funded and

3) A capitalization phase, where the results of the project will be communicated and the experiences will be capitalized for other partner cities of the network.

This project is funded by the Municipality of Barcelona,  the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the two local counterparts -the City of Bizèrte and the City of Kairouan- and has a total budget of 146.500€. The project will start on September 2015 with a total duration of one year.