The meeting was held in Brussels on November 18th to present opportunities for cooperation in the new budgetary perspectives

On November 18th, Medcities attended the meeting between the ARLEM Secretariat and its member associations in a working session in order to boost cooperation with regards to the new budgetary perspectives of the EU (2014-2020).

In the meeting, Ms Elena Asciutti from de DG Development and Cooperation of the European Commission presented the new opportunities for funding for Non-Governmental Organizations and Local Governments in the Mediterranean. The new period will foster the role of the EU Delegations in partner countries and will reinforce capitalisation processes and cooperation among municipalities.

The ARLEM Secretariat showed its interest to strengthen cooperation with networks, in particular in the capacitation of local staff of Mediterranean cooperation.

ARLEM is the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly, launched upon the initiative of the Committee of the Regions and it composed by 84 members from the three shores of the Mediterranean. Networks are also represented in its decision-making bodies.