On November 24th-27th, MedCities carried out a mission to Lebanon. The objective of the mission was threefold. 

The first objective of the mission was to participate in the bilateral cooperation mission that Saida and Barcelona developed in the framework of their bilateral agreement signed in 2014. Both cities are working together in the redesign of Saida seafront, the fishermen port and flooding prevention. This agreement was promoted by MedCities General Secretariat and it is an associate partner to the actions developed.  

Second, the mission was the occasion to meet the KTC of Al Fayhaa in order to follow-up the activities developed and to discuss actions for 2016. The KTC of Al Fayhaa will continue to work as MedCities territorial branch next year, continuing its work in assisting cities, identifying needs and working to build up new projects. The KTC of Al Fayhaa was created in 2012 as part of the USUDS projects and since then has contributed very significantly to the enlargement and decentralisation of the network.

Third, MedCities carried out several meetings in order to identify possible actions to undertake in order to mitigate the impact of Syrian refugees in Lebanese municipalities. Some of these actions will be included in MedCities action plan for 2016. This was a priority raised during the General Assembly of MedCities held in Dubrovnik in November 2015.