The meetings took place during the general Assembly of ARLEM in Malta.

The President of MedCities, Mohamed Idaomar and the General Secretary of the Association have participated in the General Assembly of ARLEM that took place in Malta the last 22 and 23 February.

Medcities has held a high-level working meeting with the Mayors of the cities of Tripoli, Zirte and political representatives from Gharyan, Sirte, Bengaz and Toubruk. MedCities shared with the Libyan representatives the activities and projects of the network. The Lybian representatives pointed out several issues which they need assistance such as water and waste management.

Medcities has also been active in the session of the Bureau of the Committee of Regions, presenting the project on capacity-building training in urban policies that is being defined together with the ARLEM and the Union for the Mediterranean. During this meeting there has been a conference on the refugees’ crisis and local and regional policies focused on mogration and host communities.

The members of the ARLEM’s Assembly approved ithe working plan for 2017 as well as two reports, one on the local and regional dimension of cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean (ENI CBC Med) and another on energy and climate change.