MedCities Secretary General, Josep Canals, and a representative of ValEUr Gabès project, Konstantia Nikopoulou, participated in the launch of the Mediterranean Water Forum (MWF) that took place in València (city member) on the 18th of October. This event was organised by the Mediterranean Water Institute upon invitation of the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge through the Jucar River Basin Authority and with the support of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UFMS).

The event gathered several representatives of the water sector stakeholders in the Mediterranean in order to enrich the debate and contributions towards the upcoming Mediterranean Water Forum in Tunisia, from 5th to 7th February,2024. MedCities was active in the discussion, by presenting the contributions from its projects, ValEUr Gabès in the working group on the “water mix” and WEFE4MED project in the working group on the WEFE approach.

Apart from participating in the launch meeting, MedCities and the partnership of the ValEUr Gabès project will actively contribute to the debates of the Mediterranean Water Forum through the regional conference of the project that will take place on the upcoming 7th and 8th November in Tunisia.

MedCities will contribute to the Mediterranean Water Forum in Sfax (city member) through a regional conference to capitalize on the ValEUr Gabes project (November 7-8)

The MedCities Secretary-General, Josep Canals, presented the results of the ValEUrGabès project which promotes the development of unconventional water resources in an urban context, the improvement of water governance, and the strengthening of the capacity of the municipality.

This conference will focus on the working group on water mix and WEFE nexus as well as on bringing the contribution of the cities to the Mediterranean water agenda.

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