A total of 19 municipalities submitted their application to be part of the Med4Waste project mentoring scheme. The mentoring scheme will guide six public authorities on the development or improvement of their municipal waste management plan and the organisation of a tailor-made activity that paves the way for the plan implementation. In addition, its beneficiaries will learn from good practices that helped other public authorities to enhance their waste management system in different manners.

For example, they will learn from the experience obtained in the REUSEMED project regarding the implementation of “Reuse Circuits” of different types of components. The CLIMA project will also help them to understand how to successfully plan a Participatory Process for the city waste management system design. Through the MEDINA project, they will learn how to apply zero-waste policy guidelines in their context. Finally, those cities twinned with the DECOST project will understand how to implement a community composting system.

We are glad to announce that MedCities members of Greater Madaba, M’Saken and Mahdia, together with the cities of Deir Qanon ElNaher, Akkar Al-Atika, and Berain, will be those undergoing the Med4Waste mentoring scheme.

You will soon hear more about the activities taking place in these cities!

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