In April 23rd the Second Intercity meeting of the project took place in Djerba with the participation of institutional partners, international partners of the project and more importantly of the local technical teams that are elaborating the urban strategies of the 9 cities.

The event, organized right after the finalization and the official adoption of the strategic frameworks, focused on the development of the strategic framework phase and offered the opportunity to exchange experiences and debate among peers.

Following the institutional welcoming, the first part of the event was dedicated to general aspects of the project, including a presentation of the methodology of the strategic framework by representative of MedCities, debates on the capitalisation of the project results and presentations on the civic engagement in the strategic process and the links between CDS and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the second part, peer to peer workshops was organized in order to facilitate a process of exchange of experiences in the implementation of the project and good practices or challenges addressed. In concrete, the following exchanges took place in parallel, among presidents of special delegations, among coordinators of the strategies in each cities and one among each thematic junior experts (economy, social inclusion, environment, urban planning): Issues such as the engagement of citizens and the communication of the strategies at city level were debated, as well as the how to assure good quality of the thematic analyses and identification of strategic objectives.

The third part of the event was dedicated to sensitization as well as to two transversal issues related to strategies, such as migration and gender.

In the frame of the project MedCities accompanies two of the implementing cities in elaborating their CDS, notably Gabès and Kairouan. Both cities approved the Strategic Framework in a General Conference organized on the 19th April in Gabès and the 20th in Kairouan with a broad participation of actors.