Almost 50 people from eight countries attended the kick-off meeting of GO-SUMP, which took place from 3 to 5 April at the headquarters of the Urban Environment Observatory (OMAU), service of the Malaga City Council.

Malaga is coordinating the project funded by the Interreg MED programme with 1.16 million euros. It is a new type of horizontal European Community programme for improving plans and measures for sustainable urban mobility in the Mediterranean.

The event brought together representatives of the six modular urban transport projects that it coordinates, which include 61 members from 12 countries.

During the meeting, there was a lecture by Salvador Rueda on superblocks as an approach to urban planning and sustainable mobility, followed by a discussion and team-building activities among the various working groups. On the last day, the participants shared the conclusions from the previous work sessions, and the objectives and the different activities foreseen by  the modular projects for a joint strategy for building a community based around urban transport.

Together with OMAU, the lead partner of the project, the other participants are the Italy’s Mediterranean Universities Union (UniMed), the Regional Environmental Centre in Slovenia, Eurocities in Belgium, CODATU in France and MedCities.

Go-SUMP focuses on coordinating and capitalising other sustainable mobility projects, in order to foster synergies between them and improve visibility and communication, promoting an efficient, intelligent and sustainable transport in the Mediterranean, and contributing to the formulation of new European policies in this area.

The total combined budget for this line of action for urban transport therefore amounts to 13.66 million euros (1.16 million for Go-SUMP, plus another 12.5 million for the modular projects it capitalises) – a figure that reflects the importance of this area for Europe.