On October13th, 2015 a communication action about the KTC was realized at the Institute of Fine Arts, School of Urban Planning in the Lebanese University at Hadath, Beirut- Lebanon

The participants were final year students in the department of Urban Planning. The meeting included a one hour presentation by the KTC manager and  hour plenary discussion.

The presentation started with general subjects like the role of municipalities in local and  strategic development, municipalities and urban planning, the strategic plan of AL Fayhaa 2020, the USUDS project and the role of KTC as a Machreq  antenna for Medcities in supporting and disseminating strategic planning, knowledge and best practices in the area. The current interventions in Lebanon with AL Fayhaa, Dannieh and Zgharta and in Jordan with Jerash were also mentioned. Also was discussed the new extension of the project for 16 months and what will be realized during this extension period.

The presentation also pinpointed to the RECONET project, elaborated by the KTC and how different good practices will be collected from this project’s and will be disseminated to the partners in the network

Finally the proposed hubbing of the KTC was also presented and was deeply discussed by the audience due to its importance and to the decentralization character that gives to the KTC.