The project “Social Cohesion Agreement” started the last 21st an 22nd May 2015 in Tetouan. 

This project, carried out by AERYC and AMB-Medcités has the objective of reinforcing social action, well-being and the establishment of democratic governance. The main aim is to articulate in a single strategy all the projects and social actions being currently carried out in Tetouan with public and private resources as well as with those coming from International cooperation. 

The project has aso different specific objectives as following:

  • to work for a mutual acknowledgement from all social entities and social projects being developed in the city;
  • to start a process to establish more confidence and commitment through shared actions among all social organizations and the public administration;
  • to identify the projects being currently executed to design new projects for the city;
  • to bring together and coordinate the actions impulsed by the administrations;
  • to spread and plan the Social Cohesion Agreement in the Mediterranean. 

​The project is being executed through training activities, technical work and open meetings between the third sector of Tetouan and the different administrations with competences in this area (mostly Urban Community of Tetouan and Tetouan Wilaya).

After a planning session between the local technicians and those from Barcelona, the Kick-off Meetingtook place during the 21th afternoon and it counted with the participation of the President of the Urban Community of Tetouan and the technical responsibles from AERYC and AMB-Medcités.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to a training session about the project and the its main topics: the dimensions of social exclusion, the methodology to be followed and the calendar of events and meetings.

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