Strengthening and Disseminating Strategic Urban Planning Initiatives in Tunisia

On June 29, 2017, the Municipality of Tunis hosted a conference presided by the President of the FNVT, within the Kick-off of the Madinatouna Project – « Reinforcement and Dissemination of the initiatives of strategic urban planning in Tunisia » – financed by Cities Alliance and coordinated byt the UNDP, in partnership with MedCities GIZ, CILG-VNG and the FNVT.

This project foresees the elaboration of the 9 strategies of urban sustainable development (SDV), in detail at the cities of Gabes, Kairouan, Sidi Bouzid, Jandouba, Monastir, Tataouine, Mednine Beja and Soukra, based on 4 axis concerning economy, sociology, urbanism and environment. MedCities will accompany the cities of Gàbes and Kairouan, providing technical support to the Strategy teams as well as methodological follow-up.

An agreement was signed between the different stakeholders: Ministeries, FNVT, financial backers and Communities in order to make official the work schedule. Afterwards there were some interventions showing the different elements of the project, and the role assigned to each partner concerning:

– The establishment of the teams of local experts in the 9 cities

– The definition of the project methodology for the elaboration of the SDV

– Capitalization and dissemination 

– Transversal elements such as the strategy of the Ministry of the environment in terms of a sustainable low-carbon city and the strategy of the Ministry of local collectivities in terms of urban development.

At the end of the session Sfax, Sousse and Toscane presented their experiences of city strategies in the Mediterranean basin as well as the work methodology adopted, the benefits acquired from the implementation of the SDV (Local leadership, reinforcement of capacities, the know-how), the achievement rate and the problems encountered during its concretizations.