Larnaka Municipality is carrying out a survey on the image and the self-image of Larnaka city. 

In order to respond to a highly competitive world and gain an advantage in the global market, touristic destinations are adopting new practices and prospects to attract visitors, investors and talents.

Tourists and investors attention are turning to other regions and places all over the world. As part of this competition, touristic destinations need to evolve and be reconstituted as attractive cultural landscapes.

Place Branding provides the framework and tools to differentiate a place. At the same time, it organizes individual identities and images in order to compose a strong competitive identity capable to correspond to the problems faced by contemporary destinations. Such an environment research on image and self-image of a destination is considered to be very important.

As a result of this Place Branding process, Larnaca Municipality has adopted a questionnaire as a key research tool that has been designed to investigate the possibilities of promoting Larnaca as a destination for visitors, investors and talents. It is a scientific tool and therefore the information collected will be anonymous, strictly confidential and will only be used for study and research purposes.

Please, to participate, fill out the English version of the questionnaire.