Implemented by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, GeDeTun project reinforced the waste management capacities of the two municipalities.

The project was implemented by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, with the support of MedCities, and its activities were finalised 30 December 2017 in the cities of Bizerte and Kairouan (Tunisia).

Within the last communication activities, it have been compiled and produced the final project video, including the testimonies of the keyactors and summarizing the priorities of work in the two cities.

The last activity of the project was the launching of a GIS tool through mapping and digitalisation of the collection system in order to improve the waste management capacities of the municipalities.

The objective of this intervention, that took place in December 2017, was to provide the municipalities with cartographic material on the waste collection system, including information on collection circuits in the different neighbourhoods of the cities as well as information of the uncontrolled discharge points. A data collection campaign was launched and a GIS map was produced based on this information. To conclude the activity, a three day training was organised for around 16 persons, municipal staff from different units, in order to improve their skills and capacity in working with GIS software. 

This activity was part of GeDeTun project, co-funded by the Municipality of Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona in the cities of Bizerte and Kairouan. For more information, please, visit the GeDeTun project section.