The definition of the new MED Programme arises from a discussion on the need of coordinating and capitalizing the results of the projects funded in order to influence European Mediterranean policies

This report documents the key results attained during the 2-day event entitled “The MED Capitalisation: contributing to a stronger Europe”,  which took place at the Committee of the Regions on 24 and 25 March 2015 as a joint initiative by 13 MED capitalisation projects.

These were carried out in the final phase of the MED Programme and constitute by themselves a pioneer initiative, the individual outputs of which can be appreciated and summarized at the respective project websites.  

The purpose of the conference was twofold: on the one hand, situating this MED capitalisation effort in the broader context of ETC’s good practice; on the other hand, providing some highlights and suggestions of how well informed capitalisation could and should contribute to nourishing the policy-making processes at regional, national and European level.