Last 7th and 8th of June, took place the First Forum on Urban and Periurban Agriculture in the Mediterranean organized by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) in the framework of the SIDIG-MED project of the ENPI CBC MED European program.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss on urban agriculture with special emphasis on its social component and it gathered technicians from all around the metropolitan territory, and from the cities members of the project.

During the last years, agriculture has been often considered a residual activity in relation to the urbanization and industrialization processes. However, its benefits are becoming more and more evident at a social, environmental and economic level. Especially is becoming clear that urban and peri-urban agriculture are an effective tool for combating poverty and social exclusion.

Before this Forum, on 6 and 7 June, took place the ” Aplec d’Agricultura Urbana”, a meeting that aimed to influence once more in the creation of an effective network among all these who practice and support urban agriculture.

AMB participation and the SidigMed project on this participative space, wanted to promote the exchange between local and international stakeholders. This was done through technical visits to different types of gardens working on social inclusion in the city. Among those there were: Espai Gardenyes and Germanetes de Sarrià, l’Hort de les cases de Vallcarca and l’Hort de Can Mestres at the Zona Franca.

Different cities from all the Mediterranean have participated in the UPA Mediterranen Forum. These were Tangiers and Chefchaouen from Morocco, Amman through the Royal Botanic Garden from Jordan, Marseille, Rome, Sousse and Sfax from Tunisia and also Dannieh, Tripoli, Jezzine and Saida from Lebanon.