On May 26th, Barcelona held the final conference of the COM&CAP MarinA-MED project. MedCities participated as discussant during the session and it was an associate of the project.

This project, led by the Government of Catalonia, has worked on the capitalization of 13 projects related to the maritime policy in the Mediterranean.

The challenge of this project was to work on indentifying the common patterns of the thirteen projects in a very short period of time. The objective of the seminar was also to discuss the policy paper elaborated throughout the project, with relevant recommendations in order to continue working successfully in this domain in the region. The Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions of Europe (CRPM) has also had a very active role in the project, which shows the potential that regional and local networks can have in the capitalization of results in the Mediterranean.

To access to the final policy paper of the COM&CAP Marin-A MED project click here.