The 13th and 14th of October a political and technical delegation from the city of Tetouan visited Barcelona in order to conduct technical visits under the auspices of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and to participate in the “Exchange and training seminar on  Updating the Communal Development Plan of Tetouan” organised by the AERYC Association.

The first day was dedicated to technical visits for the exchange of experiences that could help advance the implementation of the strategic projects of Tetouan. The delegation visited the Consortium of Besòs River in order to get information about interventions in the urban façade of the river and its integration with the city; the Llobregat River, especially with regards to interventions for the creation of public space in protected green areas; the Metropolitan Transport of Barcelon, an entity that forms part of the AMB, in order to obtain information on the planning of public transport and the coordination of mobility plans and finally, the agency for the Promotion of Ciutat Vella of the Municipality of Barcelona, where the rehabilitation of the old city was discussed.

On 14th October, the AERYC Association, Africa-America-Europa of Regions and Cities, organized the Exchange and Training Seminar in the framework of the project “Updating the Communal Development Plan of Tetouan (PCD)”, an international public-private cooperation project.  

The event was addressed to representatives of the partners of the project, the technical and political staff from municipalities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, especially directors of Strategic Plans, as well as private companies that could be interested in the implementation of the Strategic Projects.

The Tetuan PCD is one of the first strategic plans in Morocco that is being continuously reviewed and reprogrammed, in order to adapt to the changing environment of the Municipality. This characteristic has required a great effort by the technical team to define indicators for the impact assessment of the Strategic Plan. This great work was presented in the seminar during the session” Assessment and Re-programming of the PCD”  led by Mr. Driss M’Jahed, Director of the PCD of Tetuan and  Ms. Jamila Sabar, member of the technical staff of the PCD of Tetuan.

Some experts that participated in the Seminar stressed the importance of the role of mayors in demonstrating political leadership that is necessary for a successful execution and implementation of Strategic Plans. They also congratulated Tetuan for the initiative of including the budget of the PCD execution in the Municipal budget, in order to guarantee that it becomes a concern and a priority of the Municipality.

Finally, the last session aimed at presenting the Action Plan and prioritized projects in order to encourage possible partnerships with representatives of the public and private Catalan institutions interested in investing in the projects of the Municipality of Tetuan. The importance of this issue, was reflected in the intervention of a representative of ACCIO, Catalan Government Agency for the promotion of the investment opportunities.

The seminar was also an opportunity to encourage the exchange of knowledge and good practices in strategic planning and civic participation among the Tetuan Municipality and the local governments of the Barcelona province.


09:30     Welcome and introduction to the seminary

                Mr. Mohamed Idaomar, Mayor of Tetouan

                Mr. Jonathan Jorba, Head of the Development Cooperation Office, Diputació de Barcelona

                Mr. Joan Parpal, General Secretary of Medcities, Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

09:50     Institutional Environment and Methodological Uniqueness of the Tetouan PCD

                Mr. Josep Maria Pascual, International Expert of Strategies and New Public Gouvernance

10:10     Elaboration of the PCD: Main landmarks

                Mr. Abdel Aziz Ben Abdel Krim, Finance and Economy Director of the Tetouan Municipality

10:30     Assessment and Re-programming of the PCD

                Mr. Driss M’Jahed, Director of the PCD of Tetouan

                Ms. Jamila Sabar, member of the technical staff of the PCD of Tetouan

10:50     Debate among the experts seminar attendees

Mr. Oriol Estela, Director of the Technical Office of Strategies for the economic Development of the Diputació de Barcelona

11:30     Coffee Break

11:45     Explanation of priority projects for the future

                Mr. Mohamed Idaomar, Mayor of the City of Tetouan

12:15     Debate with the experts and businessmen

Mr. Oriol Martínez Alòs-Moliner, Extert on International Public Contracting of ACCIÓ, Agency for the Corporate  Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

13:30     Conclusions and Closing Session

                   Mr. Xavier Tiana, International Relations Responsable of  the Barcelona Metropolitan Area

               Mr. Xavier Godàs, President of AERYC