SIDIGMED works for gathering people and municipal staff interested in farming in or near the city in community projects, on rooftops, or in vacant lots in an Euro-Mediterranean Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (UPA) Network.

By filling an application form, anybody can be updated on the development of the Network and have access to useful documents and advice.

SIDIG-MED, an EU-funded project, is setting up this Network. SIDIG-MED stands for Social and Intercultural Dialogue through Governance for Local Development: Mediterranean Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (UPA). The SIDIG-MED partners – in Italy, Jordan, Spain and Tunisia – are in the process of developing  guidelines for sustainable and replicable UPA projects.

At the end of SIDIG-MED project in December 2015, the partners share their guidelines and expertise online for the benefit of people and groups throughout the Euro-Mediterranean region. Why? To promote the spread of successful UPA and social inclusion projects, and help people in gaining skills, dignity and greater food security.

If you want to have more information and be a part of the network, please complete this form, and stay tuned for more info.