The Dubrovnik City Council adopted a Decision approving the candidature of the City of Dubrovnik for the European Capital of Culture 2020 or ECoC title.

In the processes of preparing its candidature, Dubrovnik aims to primarily initiate and motivate its creative potentials for the establishment of dialogue and sustainable co-creativity in order to ensure the key preconditions for necessary change.

The concept of Dubrovnik’s candidature is “City in the Making”. The concept builds on the dynamic principles of co-creation, mediation of dialogue, and ExChange (change through exchange). Accordingly, Dubrovnik’s candidature is based on four thematic pillars: reclaiming public space, releasing creative energy, redefining identity, and reconnecting Dubrovnik with Europe and the World. These pillars open a myriad of possibilities for designing projects and activities that will have a transformative effect on local development, which will simultaneously ensure a powerful European dimension to the candidature.

The candidacy for the ECoC title is a demanding project that requires a particular kind of engagement, the powerful support of local and national institutions, as well as reputable Croatian and international individuals.

The entire concept of the programme, the proposals for cooperation and the vision for the development of the project will be presented within the next three months.

For more information, please visit the Facebook page of the candidature.