The Cities 4 Global Health website is an initiative led by Cities for Global Health and co-led by Metropolis and the Euro-Latin-American Alliance of Cooperation among Cities, AL-LAs. This is part of the Live Learning Experience: beyond the immediate response to the outbreak, developed by UCLG and supported by UN-Habitat and Metropolis.

Some of MedCities members, as Dubrovnik have uploaded its plans. Here you can find an English summary as well as the official document.

In order to overcome and mitigate the effects of the crisis caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the City of Dubrovnik has prepared and presented a package of measures for vulnerable groups and businessmen. The package of measures for vulnerable groups is 17.15 million HRK (approximately 2.5 million EUR), while the financial forgiveness measures for businessmen are ‘heavy’ 28.75 million HRK (approximately 4 million EUR).

The measures are fully explained in the attached document and you can find the video of the official presentation of the crisis measures by the Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik Mato Franković on this link.

In order to provide citizens with timely and quality information on all news and information related to the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic, the City of Dubrovnik has opened the domain COVID-19 on its official website which contains all the current status notifications. Also, a viber group has been established to share information, videos and photos about pandemic of the coronavirus.

The City of Dubrovnik has established its crisis headquarters, comprising all emergency services in Dubrovnik area and made them available for action during the coronavirus pandemic.

You can read here the official document.