On 12March 2016, a discussion seminar about the update of the Grand Sfax Strategy for 2016 was organized by the MedCities KTC of Sfax and the Urban Community

The seminar began the reflexion process of the city and local stakeholders on the relevance and key elements for a future update of the Strategy. The event focused on the participative approach and methodology of the Strategy of 2016 and the assessment of its achievements and experiences.

Three working groups have been organized in order to define the approach to be followed on the update of the strategy, the time horizon and the geographical and multi-level definition of the new strategy. Moreover, the tracking and implementation tools, including many elements such as political changes and decentralization, digital innovations and present challenges of the cities; participation and good governance were also treated.

The participants emphasised the need to institutionalize the process of developing the strategy by creating an agency in Sfax. It was also mentioned the need to reinforce the follow-up and implementation of the strategy, the coordination between the communities involved and the different scales of governments and to engage the stakeholders interested in the impulse of the projects.

The outcomes of this seminar will be discussed within the Municipality in order to define the follow-up of this process. In order to encourage this discussion, the KTC of Sfax has prepared a discussion paper, available below.

For more information on the presentations of the workshop: