MedCities contributed to the conferences of the Mediterranean Commission of the CGLU in Tunisia.

On 22 and 23 September, Sousse (Tunisia) hosted the Workshops for the Development of the Mediterranean Basin, in preparation for the 4th edition of the Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean, which will be held in March 2017.

Mayors, experts and different representatives from local Mediterranean governments debated on urban development in the region, among them the Secretariat General of MedCities, which has supported the Mediterranean commission of the CGLU in organising the conference, jointly with 
CIM-CPMR and Latin Arc.

The workshops have dealt with integrated territorial development from different perspectives: the environment (climate and energy), the promotion of socioeconomic development (cultural and sustainable tourism, social economy) and territorial development, as well as sessions on youth job placement, mobility and local finances in the Mediterranean. Sfax, Sousse and Tangier –three of the cities in the MedCities network– actively participated by sharing their experiences. Sfax presented its strategic project of  urbanisation of Taparura, Sousse exposed their experience on youth mobilisation and fight against school failure while Tangiers presented the experience of the city and the region on the fight against climate change.

The conferences aimed to foster synergies and capitalise relevant experiences from different participating local and regional authorities in the Mediterranean basin of projects for integrated urban development.

Using the conclusions from the debates, specific needs of the local and regional authorities in the southern Mediterranean will be detected and different tools will be specified for driving forward policies in dynamic and inclusive territories, like Tunisia and Morocco, where decentralisation processes are advancing quickly. They shall also be used as recommendations for the upcoming Forum of Local Mediterranean Authorities, the dialogue space for fostering and channelling the demands for the construction of a balanced and prosperous Mediterranean region, whose 4th edition will be held in 2017.