The City Council of Gabes has created, with the assistance of the Tunisian-German cooperation (GIZ) a Space Room at the municipal City Hall to provide public information to citizens and assist them in administrative procedures.


On the first semester 2017, in the city of Gabés, a Space Room for Citizens (فضاء المواطن ) has been created. It is a physical place open and friendly, dedicated to the reception of citizens, to provide public information and also to fulfill several administrative formalities. It has been created by the municipality with the assistance of the Tunisian-German cooperation (GIZ).

The first phase of the project consisted in adapting an area of the municipal City Hall to integrate the space for citizens, and the second one consists in furnishing the space by installing two desks to receive the citizens and an office for the responsible.

The purpose of this Space Room for Citizens is offering a close, clear and efficient municipal service to the citizens, following a proximity strategy and promoting values such as transparence, accessibility, efficiency and neutrality.

In practice, the citizen will be received into a pleasant and nice space, assisted by only one person for all kind of services (information, petitions, file applications, reclamations, complaints, propositions) with a strong commitment from the commune to answer within a reasonable delay and fixed in advance.

The Space Room for Citizens has the following benefits: a nice and comfortable space, transparent and reserved for citizens that will enable the staff to give them a personal attention and an accurate information on the municipal services, implementing a guide of municipal services and procedures, avoiding them to submit to different services.

This functional workspace will ensure the rules for a good communication between the city council’s staff and the citizens and it will also, finally, improve the public image of the City Council’s Public Services. More info GIZTunisia (