In the last months the technical coordinator of COOP-VERD project has engaged with the informal waste pickers in the area of Nabeul in order to understand and analyze the details of their day to day activity and their socio-economic situation.

Surveys, interviews and observation in the field were done with some of the 80 waste pickers that are active in Nabeul and the relevant actors that intervene in this economic chain. A joint meeting was organized in order to discuss the opportunities of association and formalization of their activities, with the participation of around 20 waste pickers. The results of this analysis have been compiled into a study of the sector which will guide the pilot project to be implemented under COOP-VERD project.

In order to discuss and validate the results of the study and the possible interventions to be implemented in the following months, a Steering Committee Meeting will take place on the 11th May in Nabeul, with the participation of Association ETE+, the Municipality of Nabeul and the ANGED (National Agency of Waste Management in Tunisia). Following that meeting, a consultation process will take place with the waste pickers.

COOP-VERD is a project funded by the Municipality of Barcelona and implemented by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, acting as General Secretariat of MedCities. For more information on the project….