A one day support mission was organized by General Secretariat of Medcities on Thursday March 19th 2015, to the KTC of Al Fayhaa.

The program of the MedCities mission included two visits to the president of the Dannieh Union of Municipalities Mr. Muhamad Saadieh, and the Mayor of Zgharta Ehden Mr. Shahwan Moawad, where the possible and needed interventions of the KTC were discussed in deep, taking into consideration the priorities mentioned in their strategic plans.

At the end of the mission, MedCities met with Dr. Nader Ghazal,the president of the Union of Municipalities of Al Fayhaa, to strengthen the engagement of the Municipality in the mediterranean network. 

The intervention of the KTC in the AL Fayhaa seemed to be a necessity since Al Fayhaa is hosting the KTC and it is the Mashreq antenna of the Medcities network. In this respect, an upgrade of the 5 years old Al Fayhaa strategic plan is more than necessary especially after the new membership of Kalamoun and other changes that have occurred.

The mission ended by a wrap meeting and a highlighting of the needed activities to be realized as far as the AL Fayhaa KTC seminar expected to be held on the 25th and 26th of May 2015 in Tripoli- Lebanon.