Next 11-12 December, the Conference Resolutions Africa 2014 will be held in Marrakesh with the objective of stimulating exchanges between the diverse stakeholders, in order to go beyond the existing findings and wishes to move towards principles and proposals for actions, as well as commitments. The day before there will be an informal “market place” between donors, development partners and FMDV

The conference will be held over 2 days dedicated to the urban development financing chain, and the existing and possible solutions. It will consist of plenary and parallel sessions that cross the views and experiences of local elected officials and finance Ministers with the ones of the other African urban development stakeholders, in order to make significant progress in bringing the discussion forward. 

At the end of the conference, the Declaration of Marrakesh Resolutions will enable every stakeholder to make a stand to commit up to 2016, for the evaluation to be presented at the Habitat III Summit.

The discussion will focus on:

  • Strategic urban planning and optimal management of investments,
  • Valuation and mobilization of endogenous territorial resources for the promotion of sustainable local development,
  • Loans from banks and financial institutions that are partners of urban development,
  • Direct access to the capital market to finance African cities,
  • Development of efficient and balanced public-private partnership,
  • Opportunities offered by the innovative financing mechanisms.

Mohamed Idaomar, mayor of Tetuan and President of MedCities, will participate in a roundtable on Programming and managing urban investments in African cities to speak about Cooperation and examples in the Mediterranean area focused on urban planning.  

MedCities will also participate in a specific meeting  the day before (wednesday 10th of December) from 2PM to 6.30 PM at Ryad Mogador Agdal Hotel,  that has been thought  as an informal “market place” between donors, development partners and FMDV, regarding activities targeting financing strategies for urban development in Africa.  

The meeting will both explore:

  • the “offer side”: donors’ and development partners’ priorities and agendas in terms of countries and thematic, including their participation to advocacy
  • the “demand side”: the vision shared by FMDV’s members and partners, their perspectives, agendas, financial tools and strategies implemented or needed for Africa

During the REsolutions Africa’s Conference, this parallel will be followed by bilateral meetings and discussions to allow furthering the bridges and convergences between partners.

Below, you will find more information on this event.  

REsolutions to Fund Cities is a 3-years long program scheduled in coherence and complementarity with the timeframe of the different urban Regional and Global Agendas redefining the Millennium Development Goals and over the horizon of the 2016 Habitat III Conference.

The REsolution to Fund Cities program is targeting local governments and all their partners: international organisations, credit lenders, academic experts, local communities, NGOs, the private sector, funding institutions, etc…

REsolutions to Fund Cities is a program launched by a cities networks’ consortium, composed of FMDV, Metropolis and CGLU.

For more information on the Conference, please visit their website