As communication leader from the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) -Interreg Med programme, MedCities launched this month through a webinar a Communication Task Force.

The aim is to engage communication teams from all modular projects from Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) within the community to establish a common and fluent communication system to better capitalise on efforts, results and identify common actions.


The MBPC Communication Task Force was launched with the objective of integrating and upscaling communication efforts across the community by ensuring an engagement mechanism among the communication officers of the MPs with the general objective of  coordinating efforts, learning from each other and defining joint actions and products, including social media campaigns.

The Communication meeting aimed to be an easy coordination mechanism with the following concrete objectives:

  • Coordinate and find synergies on Communication Strategies and Plans, especially towards common targets (being events, policies or institutions) 
  • Assure a smooth input and integration of MP news and agendas into our NL and communication

  • Design e.g. joint communication campaigns through social media and relevant infographics

  • Share approaches and methodologies and learn from each other 

  • Liaise with Programme, JS, SHAREMED, PANORAMED Outreach task Force

The first joint meeting was especially devoted to understanding each others’ Communication Strategies and plans, the lessons learned in the first year of project implementation which could be useful for each other and to map together the communication “moments” of all projects so we can build synergies and join efforts towards upscaling our common community results.

The welcome words were said by the lead partner, ETC UMA, represented by its Director, Mrs. Dania Abdul Malak who introduced the main objectives expected by the Interreg Med Programme itself. Then, MedCities, as the communication lead partner, explained the audience the commnincation strategy and gave some examples of the online capaigns developed so far.

During the morning the session was a fruitful experience to exchange future actions and work together in a future calendar -until the end of the 2021 year-. The communication officers from MPA Engage, MPA Networks, Tune UP, Posbemed2 and FishMPABLue2 (closed project from previous phase) explained their milestones and the most important key and highlights that would need to be communicated during the projects life.