Representatives of the municipality of Zarqa visited the city of Izmir for a technical exchange mission. 

Last 11th and 12th of May, the head of the Local Development Office of the municipality of Zarqa met the manager of the Izmir Waste Department. The aim of the mission was to exchange technical experience on waste collection and disposal in the municipalities.

The two municipal representatives discussed on different issues such as the quantity, cost and system of collection in different areas (commercial, residential and industrial). They also had the opportunity to share best practices on waste management system.

The second day of the visit consisted in a field visit to the city center and to thewaste transfer station, where the visitors could appreciate the Izmir knowledge and experience on designing this kind of stations. Both parties agreed to convey the design of the transfer station of Izmir city to Zarqa city.

This visit represented a fruitful exchange technical mission.