MedCities Secretary-General, Mr. Josep Canals Molina, contributed to the MIO-ECSDE issue ‘Sustainable Mediterranean: climate change’ with an article based on the role of Mediterranean cities.

“More than twenty years ago, local authorities began to take measures considered unpopular. In 1991, twelve Mediterranean cities gathered to jointly tackle environmental and climate challenges, giving birth to the MedCities network. Nowadays, many public representatives have realised that working for a healthier, less polluted environment, with less noise and smoke, greener and with more water on public spaces makes a city more liveable, egalitarian and attractive for investment. But, is it too late?”

You can read the Secretary General complete article (page 43) here.

MedCities thanks to all MIO-ECSDE team and chairman for this opportunity to write about how Mediterranean cities are facing climate change challenges, specially after the COVID19 pandemic.

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