The Municipality of Tetouan, AERYC and MedCities, will develop a project for boosting the Pact for Social Cohesion in the city of Tetouan.

The aim of the AERYC and MedCities’ technical assistance mission is to make a leap forward in the moroccan city in terms of social improvement and reinforcement of social rights and local democracy, through the development of the new democratic gouvernance. At the same time, through the good practice of Tetouan, the projects seeks to promote the new democratic gouvernance to other cities in the mediterranean, specially in the Magrheb. 

The general purpose is to articulate all projects and actions performed in Tetouan in a single policy , with public, private or international funding that currently are provided by social organizations and public administrations. That is to articulate social actions through objectives and complementary projects, in order to point them towards the same direction and thus to achieve a much stronger social impact for the resources invested.

Specifically, the following objectives will be achieved: 

  1. Achieving a mutual knowledge of all social entities and its projects carried out in the city. 
  2. Building trust and social engagement among all social organizations and thepublic  administration. 
  3. Identify the ongoing projects, organize them into objectives and programs, and to tag new objectives and social projects for the ctiy. The objectives should be first defined in the Bottom-Up methodology (from the ongoing projects and actions that will be done) and then Top-Down (based on the city’s social reality and that of the most vulnerable groups). 
  4. Gather public administrations and organisations according to projects and action programs and boost cooperative and complementary management.
  5. Assest and boost t the Pact for Social Cohesion in Tetouan across the Mediterranean

Definitely, the Pact for Social Cohesion in Tetouan lies in making and managing a real urban social-shared policy.