The aim of the Temathic Working Groups is to bring the experience of testing and transferring activities to draw join recommendations and key messages on how to better integrate circular economy into fishing and aquaculture sector.

During this first meeting, in September, participants discussed the draft structure proposal of policy recommendations and key messages, which will illustrated with good practices examples from the Bluefasma Living Labs (BLL) previously implemented and will be based on the fish value chain.

The next meeting of the Temathic Working Groups will take place in November and will discuss, among other topics, the development of the White Paper on proposing solutions to overcome barriers in blue circular economy.

BLUEfasma Interreg Med modular project belonging to the Blue Growth Community seeks to increase innovation capacity to enhance circular economy performance in the fishing and aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean area. MedCities leads the Capitalisation phase of the project.

The results of the BLL process undertaken in Barcelona metropolitan area have just been subject of a publication to assure their dissemination and further uptake into the capitalisation phase of the project.

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