From  2 to 8 May 201, a delegation comming from Gaza will visit the city of Barcelona for a technical exchange mission water cycle issues. 

MedCities will participate in the technical exchange between both Municipalities, engaging technical staff from the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona working on water cycle management and sharing projects and initiatives of interest for the delegation.


Tuesday, 2nd May – BARCELONA

Meeting with Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua – BCASA / Catalan Water Agency

  • WASH Institutional Framework in Catalonia and Barcelona
  • Gaza Water, context, Institutional Framework and challenges .
  • BCASA Control Centre – Municipal Advance Water Cycle Management
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems – Marina del Prat Vermell (Barcelona)

Wednesday, 3rd May – MARESME – VALLÉS

  • Waste Water Treatment Lagoons – Granollers  (AMB)  Lagoons, Percolating Filters and  Green Filters
  • Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems ( Montornés del Vallés –Cerdanyola)
  • Runoff Waters Reduction Systems (Maresme): Water Retention and Drainage Systems, Evapotranspiration Reduction, Flood prevention experiences

Thursday, 4th May – Baix Llobregat

Metropolitan Area of Barcelona / Catalan Water Authority

  • General Presentation of Metropolitan Water Management
  • WasteWater Plant – Gavà
  • Infiltration Lagoon (ACA)
  • Regeneration Water Station – El Prat de Llobregat
  • Desalination Plant – El Prat de Llobregat

Friday, 5th May – Barcelona

Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua – BCASA / Catalan Water Agency

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)
  • Storm Water Retention Tank Joan Miró – RainWater Regulations Tanks System in Barcelona, with 500.000 m3 total capacity (Barcelona).
  • Alternatives Water Resources for urban uses and water-use efficiency policies: Alternative Hydric Resources. Use of Phreatic and Regenerated Water for Urban Uses.  (BCASA) , Efficiency Policies (BCASA / Catalan Water Agency):
  • Savings Measures for parks and gardens
  • Regulating the flow of ornamental and drinking fountains
  • Reduce of consumption for urban water for cleaning uses (streets, monuments)
  • Savings Measures for Public Buildings and Facilities. Schools
  • Raising Awareness Campaigns

Saturday, 6th May

  • Barcelona Traditional and Historical Water Systems

Monday, 8th May – Barcelona

Global Water Operators Partnerships – GWOPA

  • Conclusions and Closing Meeting
  • Barcelona City Council Institutional Meeting