MedCities organized a workshop on best practices carried out by cities to face the challenge of young people access to the labor market

On April 3rd, MedCities organized a workshop on employment and young people within the framework of the III Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean, which was held in the city of Marseille organized by the Mediterranean Commission of UCLG.

MedCities workshop presented six initiatives undertook by different cities in the Mediterranean to face the challenge of young people access to the labor market, which constitutes one of the main problems cities face in the region. Successful projects form Barcelona, Marseille, Istambul, Tetouan, the Wilaya of Oran and Ait Ourir were presented as best practices in order to answer the question of what must be the role of cities to guarantee young people’s access to the labor market.

Despite most cities do not have employment competences, cities often need to react in front of high unemployment rates among youg people. The inititatives presented were a proof that successful projects can be developed by cities in alliance with other administrations and partners. The president of the workhsop, Dr. Mohamed Idaomar, mayor of Tetouan, outlined the importance of such initiatives in order to learn from other cities expertise and promote P2P learning among cities in the region.