From the 26th to the 30th of January 2014 a delegation from the city of Barcelona visited Sousse in the frame of USUDS project, as part of the foreseen technical assessment missions that will take place between the two cities.

The delegation consisted of Mr. Xavier Varela and Mrs. Maria José Chesa, experts from BARCELONA CICLE DE L’AIGUA, S.A., a public enterprise for the management of water resources, accompanied by Mrs. Cristina Corredoira from the Directorate of International Relations and Cooperation of the Municipality of Barcelona. The aim of these missions is the transfer of technology and experiences for the improvement of Water Cycle management and is one of the responses to the identification of this issue as a priority for the city of Sousse during its strategic planning process.

During their stay, the delegation met with their homologues from the Municipality of Sousse as well as with representatives from other public institutions with competencies in water cycle management, such as the ONAS-Office National d’Assainessement and the SONEDE-Société Nationale d’Exploitation et de Distribution des Eaux. Furthermore, together with local technical staff, they conducted visits to the sites of interest for possible projects that could be dealt with in this assessment, such as L’Ouet Blibene, the old tank Sofra, the Olympic Stadium and the lagoon Sebkhet El Hmada Ech-Charguia.

After three days of joint work and technical visits the two delegations decided that their collaboration will focus on the definition of a project for the exploitation of rain water resources in the area of the Olympic Stadium of Sousse. Other issues that will be dealt with is the creation of a Museum on Water in the old Sofra, in order to promote a culture of respect and correct use of water as well as the exchange of experiences on the cartography and geographic information systems for the management of Water Cycle installations.

The second mission in the frame of this assessment is foreseen for the last week of March and will consist of a visit of a technical delegation from Sousse to Barcelona in order to work together on the definition of the projects identified.