Mr. Alfred Bosch, Vice- President of Barcelona Metropolitan Area (BMA), Mr. Fathallah Sijilmassi, Secretary of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), and Mr. Xavier Tiana, MedCities Secretary General, met in Barcelona to discuss on the challenges on working for sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

During the meeting, Mr. Bosch and Mr. Tiana highlighted the BMA commitment with the Mediterranean local governments. They explained the big diversity of projects implemented in the region, in which BMA experts are involved.

Mr. Sijilmassi agreed on the idea that Barcelona must be a meeting point to discuss on peace and solidarity in the Mediterranean, and the role of cities as key actors in conflict resolution and sustainable development.

In this regard, they stressed the importance of knowledge transfer between the different shores of the Mediterranean, in order to strengthen and empower local authorities in implementing and managing urban policies and services. 

The three institutions agreed on the need of promoting a central role of cities and the Mediterranean at the different regional and international meetings and summits, such as Habitat III and COOP 22.

BMA and UfM cooperate in different topics related to urban development in the Mediterranean through the MedCities network.

The Union for the Mediterranean is an international institution made up of 43 states (the 28 EU member states and its Mediterranean partners), which works to promote joint projects that will contribute to the region’s development. Barcelona is acting as the General Secretariat since 2010, a fact that reinforces its role as Mediterranean capital.