The network of mediterranean cities created in 1991 celebrates its general assembly, and formally becomes an association.

On November 21st, Mecities carried out its General Assembly in Barcelona which has turned into a key step forward for the organization.

After evaluating the activities and projects carried out in the last period, the debate about the future of the network has started the process to formally become an association. This new status as an entity with its own legal personality, will allow the network to reach future agreements with other organizations and to develop their initiatives with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Mr. Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona and President of the AMB, opened the session along with Mr. Ignazio Marino, Mayor of Rome and current president of MedCities. Mr. Trias presented the event as a “key step in the history of this network of cities“, and stated also that “only with this common spaces of dialogue we will be able to go forward in a so important region, strategically speaking, as the Mediterranean is”.

In the same event, 19 new members have been accepted into the network and the new members of the Board have been chosen. The new President Mr. Mohamed Idaomar, Mayor of Tétouan (Morocco), has declared that one of the points to insist on is “the effort to take care of the coast and the marine environment, since the Mediterranean Sea is the common link among all the cities of the network“.

The city of Izmir (Turkey) has been proposed to host the next assembly.