Last 26, 27 and 28 of May it was held in Barcelona the second encounter of the Steering Committee of the SIDIG-MED project, “Social and Intercultural Dialogue Through Governance for Local Development : Urban and Periburban Agriculture in the Mediterranean” 

SIDIG-MED is based on the exchange of experiences in the making of a test project on Periurban Agriculture in the Mediterranean countries.

This project is placed within the framework of the european program on neighbourhood and trans-border cooperation in the Mediterranean, and involves the public and private sectors as well as non profit organizations from countries north and south of the Mediterranean.  Among these countries are Jordan, Tunisia, Italy and Catalonia, under the coordination of the “Royal Botanic Garden- (RBG)” of Tell Ar- Rumman, Jordan.

During the meeting celebrated in Barcelona with political and technical representatives from Roma Capitale, Royal Botanic Garden, Jordan, ESMO and the Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, work was focused mainly in exchanging experiences and knowledge on legislation, technical aspects and social initiatives related to social periruban agriculture. (UPA) Urban and Periurban Agriculture.

During the meeting there were some technical visits in order to analyze on the spot equipments such as the Botanical Garden of the city of Barcelona and its experiences on horticulture, and the Llobregat River Park  in the area of Baix Llobregat, Barcelona.