Last 13 and 14 October, representatives of the Municipality of Barcelona visited the city of Tetuan, as part of the friendship and cooperation protocol established between both cities in 2014. 

The Programs and Cooperation Director of the Barcelona Library Consortium and a technical advisor from the Global Justice and International Cooperation Department of the Barcelona Municipality, met representatives of the Tetuan Municipality.

The collaboration bewteen both cities on the fields of management of local cultural centers, schools and municipal sport equipments, began on 2014 and has involved municipal experts from different areas of the local adminsitration. In the case of the Municipality of Barcelona, these are the Institute of Culture of Barcelona, the Service of Communitary Action and the Librarys Consortium.

The visit held on October, focused on the participation at the workshops on the diagnosis of the different stakeholders and actors and the needs on culture and education of  the neighborhoods where these community centers are located.

These workshops have been foreseen in the framework of the training and accompaniment actions for the management and planing of the community centers that are being developed in collaboration with ATIL, a local entity, 

These diagnosis have allowed the coordination between all the different actors involved in the neighbourhoods, in order to give a better response to the local needs and realities.