The Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) this week announced the winner of its inaugural ARLEM Award for young Mediterranean entrepreneurs that have had positive impacts at the local level.

The aim of the award is to stimulate local business, help young people and to encourage collaboration between the private sector and public authorities. The first edition received 24 applications, relating to entrepreneurship in the areas of sustainability, education and food production, among others.

Four finalists were selected from among the applicants – with MedCities involved in both the conception and judging of the award – and Najway Altahir Mohammed Shukri & Altahir Mohammed Shukri from the Tripoli (Lebanon) based fashion start-up ZIMNI JDEED were awarded the prize.

The award was announced alongside the tenth ARLEM plenary session, which took place 26-27 February in Seville, Spain. Both the Secretary General and the President of MedCities attended the assembly. President Mohamed Idaomar (who is also Mayor of Tétouan) participated in a workshop on the role of regional and local authorities in the external and internal dimensions of migration policy.

More information on the ARLEM Award and plenary session can be found here.