Al Fayhaa, Union of Municipalities


Al Fayhaa is a union of four Municipalities: Tripoli – Mina – Baddawi – Qalamoon.

The location of Al Fayhaa cities in the middle of the eastern shores of the Mediterranean positions them geographically to serve as a major link between the Mediterranean basin and the Middle-Eastern hinterland.

Al Fayhaa contains a number of important facilities and infrastructure assets of national scale and scope such as the harbor, the railway terminal, the international fairgrounds and the petrol refinery.

Al Fayhaa is a center of attraction of tourists because of the rich cultural heritage, a pleasant weather and climatic conditions, the historic old city markets and the Mamluk architecture.

Tripoli has and continues to play a central role as an administrative and economic hub of Northern Lebanon. Until the beginnings of the Lebanese war, Tripoli assumed its role as the center for administrative, economic, cultural, health and services activities pole. The civil war and its aftermath affected the Tripoli region dramatically, disrupted its role as a regional attraction pole and broke down its organic interaction with the surrounding regions.

Once Tripoli served as a major commercial, educational, manufacturing &communications hub in northern Lebanon, it has witnessed a decline in all of these activities, as surrounding areas have since established direct links towards the center of the country – Beirut As a result, existing large-scale infrastructure investments and endowments, which constitute a latent but obvious potential to revive the economy and animate the development of the region, are unfortunately either no longer operating or are under-utilized.

Al Fayhaa Sustainable Development Strategy Project was elaborated in 2011 with a methodology based on a participatory approach, where the prominent figures and the experts of the civil society work side by side to achieve the preliminary diagnostic phase, the diagnosis, the plan of the vision, the strategic paths/lines and the operational projects/action plan.

Below you can find the most relevant documents about its project.

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