MedCities is organizing the APLEKING, the first Transnational Working Group (TWG) Meeting under the Interreg MED project MADRE. The APLEKING will be hold in Barcelona on 27th and 28th October.

The APLEKING will be hold in Barcelona on 27th and 28th October in the context of the annual Aplec (Gathering) of urban agriculture. The meeting will address challenges to promote urban and peri-urban agriculture as a catalyst of social innovation, one of the six themes addressed by the project. The next TWG meetings will address farmer’s innovation, consumers’ innovation, academic research, territorial innovation and transnational networking.

– On the 27th October the APLEKING will take place at Espai Jove la Fontana, followed by a study visit.

– On the 28th participants will join the public Aplec at Espai Germanetes where an exhibition area will be arranged to display posters, leaflets, publications, etc., and a speakers corner will allow to share experiences with other international actors.

The meeting will gather multi-sectoral urban agriculture actors from six flagship metropolitan areas: Barcelona, Marseille, Montpellier, Bologna, Thessaloniki, and Tirana.

During the first months of 2017 each of these areas organised two Metropolitan Working Group (MWG) meetings to analyse their local situation regarding urban and peri-urban agriculture, counting on the participation of actors representing local administrations, producers, researchers and consumers/ civil society. The analysis of the results of those meetings is now feeding the discussions at a transnational level which will conduct to the definition of political recommendations for the Euro-Med region.

For more information and registration please visit the APLEKING site and have a look into the agenda. For further information on the project please visit MADRE website

MADRE is an innovative project that aims to meet the challenge of promoting Metropolitan & Peri-urban Agriculture (MPA) within key stakeholders and to create a transnational cluster on MPA in the Mediterranean area.

MADRE project will capitalize on the wide set of academic knowledges, pilot actions and policies networks, to allow metropolitan agriculture reaching a critical level and to initiate a clustering process. MADRE project started in February 2017 and will last until July 2018 (18 months). Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Agenda APLEKING – English Version

Agenda APLEKING – Catalan Version